Ms. TIERNEY (Minister of Training and Qualifications) – I thank the Member for his question and for his continued interest in Victoria University. As the member would know, the labour relations issues that are dealt with at the university are the province of the university, and the Victorian government`s labour relations policy does not cover the university as such. It is recalled that, in the run-up to the current agreement, it expires this year, and the current agreement mentions the provisions relating to amendments and dismissals, as well as the issues raised by Ms. Hartland with respect to those who have difficulty working at Victoria University. Melbourne`s Victoria University has called on employees to vote “yes” to a collective agreement for businesses, which increases employee working hours and streamlines dispute resolution procedures due to the deteriorating financial deficit at the university. The following pay table applies to TAFE professors who are covered by Victoria University`s 2019 vocational education contract: Lorraine Ling says the proposed enterprise agreement is “the best possible offer that THE VU can make to employees now and for the next four years.” The proposed agreement does not have the support of the National Higher Education Union, which was excluded from the process after management said it was “no longer in a position to incorporate any other changes” that the union wanted. In 2019, we launched VU`s Popular Strategy 2019-2020 to create the best environment for all employees. It is welcome, strongest, support, integration and diversity. Professor Ling said they would offer employees a 7.18 percent increase over the duration of the agreement, which would last until 2022.

Ms. HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) — My question is addressed to Minister Tierney today, and I am asking this question on behalf of a good friend of mine, Paul Adams. Victoria University (VU) has targeted Paul Adams, David Garland and Stuart Martin, all local officers of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), for dismissal. This comes shortly before negotiations on enterprise negotiations begin. The VU`s behavior in recent months on how they handled the layoffs has been pretty brutal. My question is: what do you think the state government can do to put an end to the union`s union tactic of busting the VU? “After several consecutive years in deficit, Victoria University must now return to a surplus over the next four years and reduce spending and increase revenues and productivity,” said Lorraine Ling, team leader for enterprise negotiation at Victoria University. . Accessed your staff`s email address and manage your contact information, vacations and pay slips by hr Zone. Discover useful resources to support and improve your teaching and research activities. Benefits – Employee Services Learn more about the benefits and services for VU employees on and off campus.

Last year, the university, which serves in western Melbourne and provides professional skills and higher education, reported a deficit of $29.2 million for a turnover of $444 million. The result was almost three times the deficit of the previous year and, for the fourth year in a row, it was in the red. As a minister, what steps do you think you will take to address what I now consider to be quite destructive behaviour by the leadership of Victoria University? Victoria University has experimented with new teaching techniques; Earlier this year, it set up Australia`s first block education system for the first year in which subjects are successively implemented. Learning – TeachingVictoria University`s Learning and Teaching Website provides learning and teaching resources for teachers. Ms. HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) — Thank you for that response, Minister. One of the problems that I understand will be the consequence of all these layoffs is that courses like the Master of Communication and Bachelor of Marketing will res

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