The rental price depends on the tenant`s improvement allowance as well as the lease schedule. The objective of a tenant is to negotiate a fair agreement in which he will have enough money to make the necessary improvements. It is equally important for the tenant to keep control of the project`s orientation so that it is positive and does not feel too short. In rent negotiations, tenants generally focus on paying as little out of pocket as possible for construction costs. For this reason, many rep brokers will say that their client wants a “turnkey” build-out. It is generally preferable to reduce or eliminate the tenant`s costs, while granting the best possible improvement premium on the basis of the pre-established tenancy agreement. Tenants are often able to negotiate the possibility of including additional items in their lease if necessary in the future. This can help you in case the original construction goes through the budget or you decide that you will need further upgrades or upgrades in a few months or even years in a few months. If you`ve recently moved to a new office space or are planning to move soon, you`ll probably have a list of renovations you want to do. To pay for these renovations, your tenant representation broker probably advised you on the importance of negotiating the Tenant Improvement Allowance (IT) in your rental agreement.

IT supplements are generally structured in two ways: the costs due are the result of improvements that lag behind after the tenant leaves, which could directly benefit the lessor. Tenants often have the best chance of negotiating a fair lump sum to cover tenant improvements. It is better to hire your own project manager than to pay the owner as the construction process manager. This gives the tenant more control than the landlord. Owners generally allow IT to spend on the difficult costs and flexible costs of the project. Another drawback is that the tenant gives up control of the money spent on his space. If you are not preparing a comprehensive planning plan from the start, it is very common for some “surprises” in the construction process to negatively influence the tenant when they prefer the owner. However, there are some reservations about IT premiums that you need to consider. It can be very beneficial for a tenant to guarantee an IT allowance, but it is important to understand that it is not intended to cover 100% of your total cost. There are a number of variables that could play a role in the size of IT that you can save, i.e. sitting down with one of our project managers and receiving a forecast budget before signing a lease, can be beneficial and save you money in the long run. While the tenant must take into account costs such as data wiring, furniture and decorations, the owner is only concerned about improvements that increase the value of the building.

Unlike furniture, improvements such as new walls and doors will place a lasting emphasis on the building that the owner could benefit from.

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