It should be noted that the University of West Sydney union has reached a wage reduction agreement with management, again without a member mandate. An hour earlier, a branch was convened, during which members received a copy of the agreement. The industry voted in favour. The desired result was achieved, so that no consultation of members was organized.…/university-of-melbourne-. staf. “If you choose to do so, it would be a real contribution you would make to your colleagues and to the future of the university,” Professor Maskell wrote. In many places, these developments are small and minor. Nevertheless, it is this activism from the bottom up to build union power that offers a way forward, not shady business with university bosses.

Employees covered by the agreement received the pay raise last month, but are advised to forgo the increase by May 2021. Instructor-led courses are at the heart of the learning experience for students at the University of Melbourne. However, as the ABC report shows today, staff working conditions and student learning conditions are not a central priority for the university. Instead, the university systematically wastes money on consulting fees, bonuses for executives, and events like the Melbourne Commencement Ceremony. While this may be news for the general public, it is not for UoM players. Last February, we organized an action at the opening ceremony to let new students know that UoM refuses to pay casual workers to attend classes; refuses to pay casual workers properly to do so; and that wage theft is widespread at the UoM. We emphasized that employee working conditions are students` learning conditions and that this should be the university`s priority, not the millions of dollar parties or an UoM brand fashion line. UoM still refuses to pay casual workers to attend lectures or mark them properly, and is using the pandemic as a pretext to `innovate` new wage thefts from its most precarious employees – casual workers.” Among the most recent innovations, The Trobes Deal included malicious wage cuts — $174 per two weeks for those with a full-time average salary of $65,000 for women — the destruction of protective measures around major changes and restructurings and not enforceable protection against job cuts.

Of course, it wasn`t popular with members. The saga of this university offers a case study on the extent of the union bureaucracy to do its business. University employees were reportedly stripped of a 2.2 percent pay rise introduced in early May as part of proposed changes to their company agreement. The university says they aimed to prevent between 200 and 300 forced layoffs.…/university-sector-new-era…/12654828 The challenge now is to resist attacks on many local fronts. But the campaign against the National Framework for Employment Protection offers a valuable guide to action. While the union leadership`s approach encouraged the university`s leadership, the resistance rejuvenated activism at the base. Core groups have formed throughout the country.

For the first time, members become activists and learn how to organize colleagues. The blow from COVID-19 accounts for about one-third of the $1.06 billion spent by the university in fees and expenses last year, when it recorded a surplus of $74 million $US. Executives will continue to plan for the university`s recovery. On Friday, proud casual unionized employees of the faculty of philosophy affirmed their dignity of work in front of a university management that has for too long treated them as “soft expenses” and excluded professionally. So we rejected the university`s “last” offer of additional payment, which would have only briefly changed casual workers and paid only a third of what was due to unpaid wages for six years. We wanted pay equity, plus stolen wages. .

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