This is a safe step if you think about it: it prevents your temporary employees from sharing confidential information about your business, intentionally or not. You also need to be clear about what a “competitor” is, what sector you are referring to, where you are geographically and what the specialty is. This part of the treaty should also provide a logical timetable for the validity of the treaty. IT staff extension services include the allocation of specific technical resources, usually offshore, which are considered extensions of internal development teams for overseas applications, on fixed or flexible terms. This is a service in which the supplier expands the customer`s staff to qualified employees. The client is always responsible for the management of the people and the work they will do. Software developers are hired on the basis of their technological capabilities. The use of IT staff extension services provides a single-window solution for businesses that may need application development on different vertical technologies. [Citation required] Keep in mind that temporary employees on site can be familiar with processes, technologies and confidential data. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to ensure that your decency technology, intellectual property and business interests are secure. This may seem like an additional expense to you, but remember that many companies spend a lot and a lot of money in developing decency technology and trade secrets. Like any business, certain data can cause financial harm to a company that was once exposed to the public.

For those who already understand how the provision works, the next logical step is to ensure that a staff extension agreement is put in place. Keep in mind that these people, while they are experts in what they do, are exposed to confidential business data. Yes, they are paid to expand and protect you, but every executive knows that some information is the only one to help a company`s core team. The objective of the exercise is to meet staffing needs with an existing talent pool. Many consulting firms offer staff-increase services. It has been estimated that the increase in the workforce as an industry will reach $45 billion in 2015. [1] 1. services. Appirio undertakes to make available to the service provider (s) identified in the declaration (s) of work referring to this agreement, exclusively in a capacity to increase staff capacity. The explanation (s) of the work describes the temporary professional services (“services” agreed upon by mutual agreement) that these providers offer to the client.

Parties may execute additional work statements that describe services that, after execution, become an integral part of this Agreement. The client is committed to providing the service provider with adequate access to the customer`s equipment, resources, resources, equipment or facilities, as long as that access is necessary for the delivery of services. To the extent that the customer does not grant the aforementioned access that the service provider needs to provide the services, Appirio and the service provider are excused from the service until they have been provided. 9. Confidential information. Both parties may obtain information that is objectionable to the ownership or confidentiality of the other party or its related companies and their customers (“confidential information”). Both parties undertake to keep this information strictly confidential and not to disclose this information to third parties or to use it for purposes other than the implementation of this Agreement, as required by law. Due to the service provider`s access to this information, no knowledge, possession or use of the customer`s confidential information is given to Appirio. The customer may require the service provider to execute the client`s confidentiality agreement and/or transfer of the client`s invention, provided, however, that these agreements are not contrary to the terms of this agreement; The customer is responsible for the

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