The Senior Assistant Minister, projects and client relations should ensure that external reporting obligations for the service level agreement are met in accordance with the various service level agreements. This section of AuditNet contains resources and information on ALS, both from the point of view of audit by reviewers and the creation of a review division. If you have information or resources that you would like to share through monitoring programs, slOA examples or other resources you would like to share, please contact us. The quality of the agreement is therefore of considerable importance. It must be complete, complete and accurate in its coverage. It is important that both parties understand the content and obligations described in it. So my question for the group is that someone uses SLAs for your internal audit group, and if so, you could give an example for others. I would be willing to create a dedicated page on AuditNet for both internal audit and other departments if there is enough interest. There appears to have been sufficient interest, as the following responses are followed by examples of service agreements for subscribers to the AuditNet list. Thank you to everyone who responded, and even more thanks to those who shared their service agreements for the benefit of all. Rothstein Catalog on Disaster Recovery A comprehensive resource for news, articles and books on disaster recovery, service level agreements and management advice. The Deputy Minister of Labour should put in place a process to monitor and monitor client problems to enable a quick solution by clearly defining resolution procedures and action plans and ensuring continuous improvement in the management of service level agreements. The Deputy Minister, Projects and Customer Relations should put in place a process to ensure that existing and new service level agreements, which involve contracts with third parties, are consistent with the Government of Canada`s contractual policy.

In our organization, each audit protocol describes scope, objectives, results, approach, etc. It also includes our budgeted, cost and signed by the auditor and audit. This is considered an ALS for each test performed. Is there not enough documentation in the standards and application guides of the Institute of Internal Auditors? For more information, please visit the website. As I understand it, an agreement on the service level agreement is roughly what should be in the audit charter and the audit plan. Shared Services Canada (SSC) was established in August 2011. At that time, the department inherited 1,553 public works and government services service level agreements for a total value of $311,539,726. Two of these agreements concerned the management of Blue Pages, a telephone directory that lists government organizations and public servants. The Blue Pages contain a section for the House of Commons. The following test criteria were used in this trial.

The criteria are based on the control objectives for information and related technology (COBIT 4.1) framework, in particular the DS1 domain (definition and management of service levels). We call our process a partnership agreement between the audit and the companies we are looking at. Similarly, the functions that provide a monitoring service, i.e.:

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