These agreements will deal with how property is distributed among spouses at the time of divorce or death of the parties, without a will or trust. If you are considering submitting a post-uptial agreement, talk to an experienced family lawyer, who can ensure that all legalities are respected. Marital problems can be resolved in part or in full by eliminating the source of disagreements over property or estates. Many people expect the differences to end there, but they do not: a marriage agreement is considered valid, while a post-marriage agreement is considered null and void. Here`s why: Another reason why with an experienced lawyer, your post-uptial deal is based on what happens in In re Marriage of McCourt. The problem was that the language that converts the separate property into common ownership in the post-uptial arrangement was vague. In that case, the Tribunal held that the change of ownership should be an “explicit and explicit statement”. It is not common for many spouses to know the different nuances of the law. Unlike pre-marital agreements, the parties owe each other fiduciary duties and must ensure that they fully disclose all of their assets and business relationships. These agreements are useful when a couple has financial disputes or if the parties want to avoid the complications of sharing their assets at the time of divorce. Creating a post-up agreement has no time limit. As long as your agreement complies with California`s legal requirements, the courts will consider them valid, regardless of the length of your marriage.

Indeed, post-uptial agreements are most common among couples who have been married for years, because they better understand how much each party has to win or lose. Your family lawyer will ensure that the requirements of a post-uptial agreement are met, as well as the additional requirements that the courts meet to ensure that your interests are properly represented. Finally, think about the tips we have outlined to help you better understand the process and keep it informed. As in the case of a conjugal agreement where spouses enter into a contract on certain terms, usually financially, before their marriage, a post-uptial contract is a contract that was entered into some time after the exchange of vows to establish certain conditions of the relationship. If you would like to learn more about post-uptial agreements or other problematic areas, contact divorce lawyer Bruce A. Mandel. You can also follow us on FaceBook and join us at (424) 250-9130. With nearly three decades of support on behalf of clients in the field of family law, you can be sure that your interests are represented competently.

In addition, there is no legal obligation for each party to look at a lawyer and sign a prenuptial agreement, it is always recommended to consult a lawyer to protect your rights and to ensure that the agreement you enter into will not be annulled at the time of the divorce for technical reasons. Before marriage, it is relatively easy to determine separate property, so a marital agreement is deemed valid for this reason. However, after years of marriage, the separate property is divided and more difficult to separate. Post-nuptial agreements differ in that these agreements have already taken place after marriage, usually years later.

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