9 Stories

13 Stories.1

If you take the elevator or stairs and stop off at each floor of The Mallory—a nine-story apartment building in lower Manhattan—you will experience 9 Stories as a collection of linked short stories. The residents in The Mallory’s eight units—each comprising an entire floor—have little to connect them, other than the doorman who welcomes them home each day. The longtime neighbors are comfortably entrenched in their misconceptions about one another and consumed by their own stories. Among them: A grieving man struggles to come to terms with the death of his longtime partner, a successful divorce attorney faces the toxicity of his own marriage, the grandson of a minister questions his faith, and a mother strives to strike a balance between family and career.

When you reach the penthouse, a novella emerges. A tragic accident will inextricably link the lives of everyone who lives and works in The Mallory, and nine lives will forever be transformed.