8/2/21 “Invincible” made honorable mention in Toasted Cheese‘s 2021 Summer Narrative Writing Contest. It’s always nice to be mentioned honorably!

5/4/21  Brian Salmons did a fab job bringing my bit o’ flash fiction to life for TERcets–the literary podcast of The Ekphrastic Review. Have a listen to “Allure” (as well as the work of two other authors) right here.

4/22/21  I am thrilled that the legendary CALYX will publish a story close to my heart: “The Good Babka”!

3/25/21 The story I submitted to Phoebe Journal‘s 2021 Fiction Contest has been selected as a semifinalist (top 10 out of 400)!

1/25/21 How exciting to have my story–“Heart as Wide as the Sky”–published in the premier issue of the newly reimagined decomp journal!

12/15/20 Beyond excited to have “Same Killer” included in the newly released issue #57 of Vestal Review.

11/7/20 It is an honor to have my short story–“Allure“–showcased with a painting by artist Gregory Hein (aka my husband) in Ekphrastic Review.

11/4/20 I am chuffed that decomp has accepted my short story: “Heart as Wide as the Sky”!

11/2/20 I enjoyed answering the thought-provoking questions posed to me by Ann Fisher in her interview about my recently published story in Mud Season Review.

10/24/20 In 2 weeks, The Ekphrastic Review will publish “Allure”–a short story inspired by a painting by artist Gregory Hein (aka my husband)!

10/20/20 “Curtain Call” was published today in Mud Season Review!

10/16/20 “The Challah Incident”– first piece of creative nonfiction–was beautifully showcased in For Women Who Roar.

10/7/20 Oh wow! Another acceptance! Mud Season Review will publish “Curtain Call” in their next issue.

10/2/20 “The Challah Incident”–my first piece of creative nonfiction–will be published next month in For Women Who Roar!

9/18/20 It’s a wrap… I just completed the first draft of Phoebe’s Grave!

9/7/20 A piece of flash fiction I wrote just this summer — “Same Killer” — has been accepted for publication by Vestal Review!

9/1/20  It’s a doub-pub day for me! First up, Modern Literature — an international lit mag based in India — did a beautiful job of showcasing my piece of flash fiction: “Surrender”. Then we travel over to England, where my short story “The Burden of Belongings” made it into the wildlife issue of the wildly popular Mslexia!

08/15/20 I can’t travel right now, but my stories can. “Surrender” will be published next month in Modern Literature, an international lit mag based in India!

08/03/20 “Life in Reverse” is live today in The Santa Fe Literary Review online.

07/27/20 Pub day for “Departure” in The Fictional Café!

07/17/20 Received my print copy of The Santa Fe Literary Review today, featuring “Life in Reverse” by yours truly. 

04/07/20 The Fictional Café has accepted “Departure” for publication!

03/13/20 Following a 5-year love-hate-love-hate-love relationship with RinascitaI finally sent the manuscript to my agent. I hope she loves it.

01/24/20 “Intersection”– published and beautifully showcased today in Sensitive Skin Magazine.

01/23/20  My first acceptance of 2020! “Intersection” will be published in Sensitive Skin tomorrow!

12/20/19 My short story – “Rinascita” – has found the perfect home in the final issue of The Sigh Press Literary Journal. The title of the issue is a line taken directly from my short story — what an honor!

12/10/19 The Sigh Press Literary Journal has accepted my short story – “Rinascita” – for their final issue! How perfect that a lit mag based in Florence, Italy will showcase my story that pays homage to the Renaissance.

11/26/19 Another publication forthcoming! “Life in Reverse” will be published next October in The Santa Fe Literary Review!

10/31/19 “The Irreplaceables” was published today in Verdad.

10/20/19 My short story – “The Irreplaceables” – has been accepted for publication in the fall issue of Verdad.

07/10/19 A nice birthday surprise: My piece of flash fiction – “Intersection” – has been longlisted in the WOW – Women on Writing spring contest.

06/30/19 Had my first piece of flash fiction – “(Un)foreseeable Future” – published today in the beautiful June issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction!

05/31/19  I’m honored to learn that my short story “A Faint, Cautionary Creee” is one of three that will be performed live tonight in the U.K., at the Walk Cycle Festival in York.

03/31/19 My bit o’ flash fiction has been accepted for publication! “(Un)foreseeable Future” will be included in Brilliant Flash Fiction on June 30th.

12/28/18 Thrilled to have my work show up on a list of the 10 most-read contemporary short stories for 2018 in The Saturday Evening Post!

12/17/18 “Everything Tastes Like Tin” – an adapted excerpt from my novel 13 Stories – was published today in Adelaide Literary Magazine.

11/28/18  Super-excited to have had another piece of work accepted by a literary magazine! “Everything Tastes Like Tin” will be published in print, digitally and online in the December issue of Adelaide, listed as one of Reedsy’s 100 Best Lit Mags of 2018.

8/13/18 My short story “Too Polite” was published this morning in the gorgeous Ilanot Review!

7/25/18 I love the way Jerry Jazz Musician showcased my short story: “Silent Soundtrack” – an adapted excerpt from 13 Stories, now on submission.

7/17/18 “Silent Soundtrack” – an adapted excerpt from 13 Stories – is a runner-up in the 48th Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest, and will soon be published in their very cool magazine!

7/9/18 So excited to be one of 12 (out of 600+) writers shortlisted in the OWT Fiction Prize 

6/25/18 I’ve been longlisted – from a pool of 600 entries in the OWT Fiction Prize

5/8/18  My short story “Too Polite” will be published in The Ilanot Review this summer! This is a beautiful international literary journal.

2/10/18 “A Thousand Feet Up” was published today in HCE Review!

2/4/18 My short story “A Thousand Feet Up” will be published next Saturday, 2/10/18 in HCE Review!

1/26/18 My short story “Skyscrapers” is the New Fiction Friday feature in The Saturday Evening Post.

1/19/18 I am thrilled to be included in this announcement! “Skyscrapers” placed 4th runner up in The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction contest. The story will be published on 1/26.