07/10/19 A nice birthday surprise: My piece of flash fiction – “Intersection” – has been longlisted in the WOW – Women on Writing spring contest.

06/30/19 Had my first piece of flash fiction – “(Un)foreseeable Future” – published today in the beautiful June issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction!

05/31/19  I’m honored to learn that my short story “A Faint, Cautionary Creee” is one of three that will be performed live tonight in the U.K., at the Walk Cycle Festival in York.

03/31/19 My bit o’ flash fiction has been accepted for publication! “(Un)foreseeable Future” will be included in Brilliant Flash Fiction on June 30th.

12/28/18 Thrilled to have my work show up on a list of the 10 most-read contemporary short stories for 2018 in The Saturday Evening Post!

12/17/18 “Everything Tastes Like Tin” – an adapted excerpt from my novel 13 Stories – was published today in Adelaide Literary Magazine.

11/28/18  Super-excited to have had another piece of work accepted by a literary magazine! “Everything Tastes Like Tin” will be published in print, digitally and online in the December issue of Adelaide, listed as one of Reedsy’s 100 Best Lit Mags of 2018.

8/13/18 My short story “Too Polite” was published this morning in the gorgeous Ilanot Review!

7/25/18 I love the way Jerry Jazz Musician showcased my short story: “Silent Soundtrack” – an adapted excerpt from 13 Stories, now on submission.

7/17/18 “Silent Soundtrack” – an adapted excerpt from 13 Stories – is a runner-up in the 48th Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest, and will soon be published in their very cool magazine!

7/9/18 So excited to be one of 12 (out of 600+) writers shortlisted in the OWT Fiction Prize 

6/25/18 I’ve been longlisted – from a pool of 600 entries in the OWT Fiction Prize

5/8/18  My short story “Too Polite” will be published in The Ilanot Review this summer! This is a beautiful international literary journal.

2/10/18 “A Thousand Feet Up” was published today in HCE Review!

2/4/18 My short story “A Thousand Feet Up” will be published next Saturday, 2/10/18 in HCE Review!

1/26/18 My short story “Skyscrapers” is the New Fiction Friday feature in The Saturday Evening Post.

1/19/18 I am thrilled to be included in this announcement! “Skyscrapers” placed 4th runner up in The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction contest. The story will be published on 1/26.