(a) termination by licensee. Licensee may terminate the License Agreement and related licenses at any time by destroying the Software in any form with all copies and attaching written notice of termination to Datawatch and attesting to such destruction. In the event of such termination, the licensee agrees that the royalties paid in advance are not refundable. If the order contract provides for current payments for a fixed period of time or if the licensee has not paid all the costs due and the licensee terminates before the expiry of this period, the licensee undertakes to pay the full amount that arrived or should have been paid during this period and this payment is due in case of termination. (d) Subscription License. If Licensee is ordered as a subscription license under an order agreement, licensee may use the software as described in Section 1(a), provided however that the licensee`s right to use the software is not permanent and is limited in time to the duration specified in the order agreement. If Licensee does not acquire a lifetime extension prior to the expiration of the current term of validity, at the end of that term, this License Agreement (including all sub-granted licenses) and the order agreement referred to in Section 7 below will terminate and Licensee will comply with all provisions set forth therein. SIMSOLID License Agreement SIMSOLID Corporation Release Date: 12.01.2015 READ CAREFULLY: SIMSOLID CORPORATION ACCEPTS THE SOFTWARE AND OTHER LICENSED MATERIALS ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT LICENSEE AGREES TO ALL TERMS CONTAINED OR REFERENCED IN THIS AGREEMENT. By choosing the “I Agree” button or another button or mechanism by which you confirm acceptance of the terms of an electronic copy of this Agreement, or by installing, downloading, accessing or using the SIMSOLID Materials in whole or in part thereof, (i) accept this Agreement on behalf of the company, for which you have the right to act (for example.B. an employer) and acknowledge that such legal entity is legally bound by this Agreement (and that you agree to act in accordance with this Agreement) or, if there is no legal entity for which you have the authority to accept this Agreement as an individual on behalf of yourself and to acknowledge that you are legally bound by this Agreement, and (ii) you represent and warrant that you have the right, power and power to act and retain on behalf of such legal entity (if any) or yourself. You may not accept this agreement on behalf of another company unless you are an employee or other representative of that other company with the right, power and power to act on behalf of that other company. If Licensee is unwilling to accept this Agreement or if you do not have the right, power and power to act on behalf of such legal entity or you as an individual and to bind it itself (if there is no such legal entity), (a) DO NOT SELECT THE “I AGREE” BUTTON OR CLICK ELSEWHERE ON A BUTTON OR OTHER MECHANISM; WHICH IS INTENDED TO CONFIRM THE AGREEMENT AND NOT TO INSTALL, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR COPY OR USE THE SIMSOLID MATERIALS IN WHOLE OR IN PART THEREOF; AND (b) WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ACQUISITION OF THE SIMSOLID MATERIALS, THE LICENSEE MAY RETURN THE SIMSOLID DOCUMENTS (INCLUDING ALL COPIES) TO THE COMPANY FROM WHICH THEY WERE ACQUIRED TO REIMBURSE THE APPLICABLE ROYALTIES PAID BY LICENSEE .

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