Guidelines: The use of manufacturer statements [PDF 56 KB] on the Engineering New Zealand website contains information on what should be included in a manufacturer`s statement. It is important that manufacturer-specific statements for design (PS1) or design review (PS2) are specific clauses of the building code that comply with the building code and how it complies with the building code (e.g.B. acceptable resolution or verification method, MBIE guide and/or specific technical design). Manufacturer`s statements can help support applications for building permits (and code compliance certification) as long as the Commission accepts them as accurate and reliable. A manufacturer`s statement is a professional expertise based on informed judgment and expertise. This is not a product guarantee or a guarantee of compliance. A building permit authority (Council) may use manufacturers` statements or memorandums to recognize construction professionals and certain trades whose design and construction work is or are technically acceptable and in accordance with the provisions of the building permit. The Commission may use a producer`s statement or memorandum as a “reasonable reason” to ensure compliance. It is important that your Council can count on the reliability of these statements and that the authors of the statements have appropriate experience and expertise in their field. A memorandum is akin to a manufacturer`s statement, but it is signed and written by skilled craftsmen to confirm that the work they do complies with the performance requirements of the NZ building code or a building permit. Producer Statements (PS) are formal written declarations that certain works, constructions or specifications meet the technical requirements to comply with the provisions of the New Zealand Building Code or a building permit.

The declaration is signed by the author (a specialist recognized as an engineer or architect) who works within the framework of his expertise and competence. It is the manufacturer`s responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements of their industry code, practical instructions and guidelines, and to provide a complete and accurate statement from the manufacturer. The manufacturer`s statement must cover the clauses relating to the construction book. For example, if the engineer`s project is intended for a construction element of the proposed building project, it must meet the performance requirements of the construction code, as it is solid (B1) and durable (B2), as it does not remain solid without the required shelf life and is therefore not useful. The designs and the PS1 door-to-door must cover both B1 and B2. In addition to the fact that there is no adequate declaration of compliance with the construction code, the non-coverage of B2 would be an infringement as a result of the manufacturer`s statements, which are generally used for specialized work such as engineering or where there is a proprietary product installed by designated contractors. Aspects of this work will be outside the Commission`s internal expertise and a manufacturer`s statement may assist the Commission if it decides whether the construction work complies with the construction code. The boards will apply their judgment to the review of the manufacturer`s statements and their weight. The city council must know when it can count on depositions during the building permit procedure. They must ensure that the contractor`s commitment includes the need to submit the manufacturer`s statement after the completion of the work. We also recommend using the manufacturer`s statement (if any) as a declaration of the engineer`s opt-out at each stage of the construction process (for example.

B construction design, verification and monitoring).

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