In order to create common terminology for international navigation and to minimize misunderstandings about contractual terms, the International Chamber of Commerce has developed a number of terms known as Incoterms. These are the basic terms used in international sales contracts and describe the responsibility of the seller and buyer (transfer of risk from buyer to seller). It is up to an importer to know the effects of the terms used in a particular contract (FOB, CIF, etc.). Notice period: under what circumstances can the contract be terminated? The contract also provides for the conditions under which the contract is terminated: breach of contract, breach of operations, effect of state or federal rules, etc. Whether you are importing or exporting goods, there must be trade agreements between the person you are buying or selling to, and the following key points must be included in these agreements: Nothing in this contract is considered a legal partnership between the contracting parties. The irrevocable C/C is one that cannot be withdrawn or modified by the opening bank without the consent of the beneficiary. This type of L/C is safer and is therefore the most used. It specifies that an L/C, whether or not it is irrevocably or not, should be considered irrevocable in accordance with the uniform customs and practice of the 500 commercial document credits. Discounts and commissions.

Specific amount of the discount or commission to be paid and by whom (by the exporter or by the importer). Determine the basis for calculating the commission to be applied and the applicable rate. Reduction or commission rates may or may not be included in the export price agreed by the exporter and importer. 21.2 This contract can only be amended by a written agreement of the parties (including e-mail) (including e-mail) (if article [17.4] or equivalent is included: or in accordance with Article [17.4].) The burden of importers: how hard does the importer have to work to sell the products, including minimum order obligations and long-term obligations? Terms and conditions of sale must be written clearly and unambiguously. They are written either in the language of the buyer`s country or in English. The exporter must engage in the essentials and highlight key issues such as price, payment terms, delivery time and dispute resolution arrangements. Signing the games. The signing of the contract involves the agreement of both parties on the terms of the contract.

17.3 Each party considers in good faith any amendment proposed by the other party in the interest of relations between the contracting parties. In executing the contract, it is necessary for both parties to agree. The agreement between the parties depends on the price of the offer, the general condition of sale and acceptance. “17.4 If the parties do not reach an agreement within the [time frame, whatever form the export contract lasts), you must be careful in formulating this document, as they are established between companies from countries that may have very different legal systems, regulations and attitudes regarding activity.

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